Realize your dreams

The pandemic may have put the world on hold for a while, but we see amazing opportunities once the borders start opening. With location-independent work now being widely accepted, why would you go back to life as it was?

Seaside Collective offers a unique chance to create a dream lifestyle, strengthen your network and expand your entrepreneur goals, all in one smart investment.

We are now offering you to invest in one of a total of 14 houses in the first Seaside Collective location: South Lombok, between the beach and Tampah Hills.

Seaside Collective & Tampah Hills area overview

Why should I apply?

  • Invest in a Seaside Collective House, designed by the winning architect team
  • Earn passive rental income when you’re not using your house
  • Get free access to a world-class co-working space in the dreamiest location
  • Connect and network with entrepreneurs from all over the world in Tampah Hills
  • Have the chance to swap houses with members from other Seaside Collective destinations

As a Seaside Collective investor, you also:

  • Get a handmade Seaside Collective Surfboard
  • Have the chance to influence where the next Seaside Collective destinations will be

Your Seaside Collective house in short:

  • Land lot
  • 500land area
    • Swimming pool
    • Outdoor lounge area
    • Sculpted garden
    • No seaview
    • Approx 300 m from the beach

  • House
  • 150spread over multiple houses
    • 2 bedrooms
    • 2 bathrooms
    • Living room and kitchen
    • Flexible plan and materials
    • Furniture not included, SC can assist with interior designer

*Estimated cost is $345,000 excluding furniture. This may change +-5% as we are finalising the design.

Build by example

Sustainable development is essential to Seaside Collective, and we aim to be energy-efficient during the building process and long-term. All houses are meticulously designed to be sustainable. We have optimized the sun exposure, natural airflow, wastewater reuse and use local and reclaimed material to minimize the environmental impact.

As part of the service agreement, black- and greywater are taken care of and recycled in an environmental-friendly way. Trash collection and recycling is also included in the service contract. The houses are very energy efficient, thanks to leading brands of electrical equipment and the smart open design that minimizes the need for air-con.

How do I apply?

1. Fill out the contact form below

2. You will get an auto-reply with a link to download the Seaside Collective Presale Prospect

3. Download and read the prospect carefully

4. The prospect also contains a link to apply to invest

5. Seaside Collective is scheduled to start construction in Q3 2022 and to be finished approximately Q4 2023.

Apply to invest here

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