Live on your terms

Life is easy in Seaside Collective. As an investor, you can enjoy all Tampah Hills’ facilities and the natural beauty of Tampah Bay. The white sand beach is just a 300-meter walk, and dozens of excellent surf breaks are only 5 to 30 minutes away. The vast green park areas feature spaces for both contemplation and socialization. The whole idea of the Seaside Collective is to attract investors that want to contribute, meet new people and create the perfect lifestyle together.

Photo: © Jon Olsson

A collective effort

As a collective, we plan to bundle our skills to make a positive impact on our surroundings. Ideally, we will teach the local community about sustainability, design systems to protect and restore coral reefs, find new ways to collect and reuse plastic waste or help create Lombok’s first blockchain venture. Together we can aim to inspire and create a more sustainable future on a local and global level.

Photo: © Sodalime

A global community

We are planning to expand as our nomadic community grows. We have a list of destinations that are close to our hearts, where new Seaside Collective hubs would be a logical next step. And as an investor, you will have a say where the next location should open.

When we are open in multiple locations, all owners will be able to do house swaps, or swap for credits, with other owners in our swapping system. Imagine to spend 2 months in Lombok, 1 month in Sri Lanka and another 2 in Costa Rica. You can chase the never ending summer, living in style without breaking the bank. All while connecting with entrepreneurs from all over the world.